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We are two dope fanm vanyan who came together to create “Fanm on Films,” a podcast where we review Haitian films, interview Haitian filmmakers and discuss Haitian cinema. 

Episode 3.7: Kafou Review + Interview with Gilbert Mirambeau (Rebroadcast)

In honor of the acclaimed film “Kafou” debuting on Amazon Prime, we’re replaying our review of the movie and interview with producer Gilbert Mirambeau. There are lots of spoilers in this episode but we had a great time chatting with Gilbert about the complexities of making a film in Haiti. Producers: Gilbert Mirambeau, Bruno Mourral,...

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Episode 3.6: Interview with Don Clitandre + Existencia Review

This visual poem is Don Clitandre’s homage to Haitian women, culture and ritual. Our interview with him delves into his childhood and relationship with his grandmother as well as his passion for visual language. Writer/Director: Don Clitandre View Don’s film below. EXISTENTIA from Don Clitandre on Vimeo.

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Episode 3.5: Review of Douvan Jou Ka Levé

Gessica Généus’ documentary film, Douvan Jou Ka Levé (The Sun Will Rise) takes an inmate look at the filmmaker’s life as she questions issues of mental health in her family. Woven in are historical and cultural elements about Haiti’s relationship to spirituality and superstition. Writer/Director: Gessica Généus Trailer Douvan Jou Ka Levé TRAILER ENG from...

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Episode 3.4: Interview with Steven Brun + The Endowment Review

This week we chat with Steven Daniel Brun about his new short film “The Endowment” also known as “La Fòs.” We opine on spirituality, being a working actor in Hollywood and more. Check out “The Endowment” on YouTube.Writer/Director/Actor: Steven Daniel Brun

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Episode 3.3: Basquiat: Rage to Riches Review + BONUS Boom for Real Review

This week’s episode covers two films! Our primary review is about the PBS Master’s documentary Basquiat: Rage to Riches. In a raw post-film reflection, we chat about Boom for Real, a documentary that takes a look at Jean-Michel Bascquiat’s early life.

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Episode 3.2: Interview with Jacquil Constant

In this episode we have an intimate conversation with Jacquil Constant, founder of the Haiti International Film Festival and Director of the short film Haiti is a Nation of Artists. Learn why he decided to start the film festival and the complexity of the Haitian art scene in Haiti.

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Show Hosts

Ella Turenne and Martine Jean are your hosts for Fanm on Films.

Ella Turenne

Artist, changemaker and entrepreneur

Martine Jean

Award-winning Haitian-American filmmaker

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